Plate Tectonics and Ocean Basin Evolution Quiz

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What major event marked the beginning of the latest phase of ocean basin growth and consumption?

The breakup of the supercontinent Pangea

Where is the oldest known oceanic crust located?

Western equatorial Pacific

How many different seafloor spreading centers were involved in the formation of the oldest known seafloor in the western equatorial Pacific?

At least five

When was the oldest seafloor in the Indian Ocean formed?

Around 165-145 million years ago

What caused the opening of the Gulf of Mexico?

North America and Eurasia drifting away from Africa and South America

Test your knowledge of plate tectonics and the evolution of ocean basins with this quiz. Explore the major developments in ocean basin growth and consumption, as well as the formation of oceanic crust. Learn about the breakup of Pangea and the opening of significant seaways and oceans.

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