Correlational Research Design in Grade 12 Academic Strand Study

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What is the aim of the study mentioned in the text?

To investigate the correlation between functionality and availability of computers in academic performances of students.

How many students were selected for this research?

Ten students in each strand of Grade 12 students of the academic strand.

What are the main questions this paper aims to answer?

  1. Experiences students face in using computer labs. 2. How availability of computer units affects students' performances. 3. Factors of slow internet affecting academic performance. 4. How students overcome problems related to internet connectivity, computer functionality, and computer availability.

What is the Scope and Delimitation of this study?

It focuses on understanding how the functionality and availability of computer labs in schools impact students' academic performance.

Why is it crucial to address the challenges related to technology in education?

To ensure that all students have an equal opportunity to succeed academically.

What disparities are mentioned in the text?

Disparities compared to peers with access to more advanced technology.

What is the significance of the research conducted in Sapang Palay National High School?

To investigate the impact of computer labs on academic performances of students.

What is the purpose of studying the experiences of students in using computer labs?

To understand the challenges and benefits students face in utilizing computer labs.

How does the availability of computer units affect students' performances in school according to the text?

It impacts their academic performance.

What are some factors related to slow internet that affect students' academic performance?

Slow internet connectivity.

Explore the application of a correlational research design in a study conducted among Grade 12 students in an Academic Strand program. Learn about the methodology and findings described by Philip M. Hash (2023).

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