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What is the central principle of clinical pharmacology?

Individualizing therapy based on risk/benefit balance

What do pharmacovigilance agencies like WHO, CIOMS, and ICH mainly focus on?

Monitoring and reporting adverse drug reactions

Which type of study investigates the distribution and determinants of diseases in populations?

Pharmacoepidemiology studies

What is the primary purpose of conducting pharmacoepidemiology studies?

Generating or testing hypotheses related to drugs

What do pharmacovigilance agencies aim to identify through data mining?

Known hazards with drugs becoming more frequent or serious

What is the main goal of conducting spontaneous reporting in pharmacovigilance?

Signal detection for potential hazards

What is the purpose of conducting hypothesis-generating studies in pharmacoepidemiology?

Suggesting areas for further research

What is the main focus of pharmacoepidemiology compared to clinical pharmacology?

Investigating diseases in populations

Test your knowledge on core epidemiologic functions of a public health epidemiologist including public health surveillance, field investigation, research, evaluation, and policy development. Learn about the importance and purpose of public health surveillance in guiding public health decision-making.

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