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What is the action of driving the process of decision-making and implementation down the facility's chain of command known as?


What must employees know before they can be empowered according to the text?

How to perform all work tasks in their defined areas

Who should be the firstline 'guardians' of the quality program according to the text?

Shift supervisors and lead technicians

What do effective leaders in a quality program do according to the text?

Establish priorities and empower people to implement process improvements

What is typically limited to well-defined areas in the context of empowerment?

'Process improvement changes' within defined areas of responsibility

In a quality program, who should provide training about the concept of empowerment?


What is required to achieve high quality patient care in CS departments?

Comprehensive training programs and ongoing quality monitoring

What did the Ritz-Carlton hotel chain aim to reduce as part of its quality improvement plan?

Defects per million transactions

What is the main focus of Total Quality Management (TQM) in healthcare organizations?

Customer satisfaction and benefit to all members of the organization and society

What is one key factor that most problems affecting employees' work are attributed to, according to the text?

Systems and procedures influenced by top-level leaders

Who should be involved in providing input for the planning and implementation of a Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) program for instrument processing?

Decontamination staff, processing employees, clinicians, physician personnel, and others involved in equipment use

What type of approach is emphasized in the text to move towards an ideal quality goal in healthcare?

Planned approach

What is one of the key requirements of Total Quality Management (TQM) for healthcare facilities?

Correctly performing work tasks the first time

Why is top-level administrators' support considered critical for achieving success in quality initiatives?

Their support is needed to address system and procedure issues

Why is it important for healthcare facilities to involve multiple users and departments in identifying training needs and process changes?

To ensure diverse perspectives are considered

How does the text suggest that departmental quality should be approached?

Multidisciplinary and intradepartmental

Which of the following is NOT a characteristic of Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) programs?

Focuses on one-time quality improvements

How do many healthcare facilities develop their quality programs?

Utilizing a combination of several formal quality programs

What is the primary focus of both Six Sigma and Lean methodologies?

Reducing errors to an extremely low rate

Why is being an active participant in quality processes important?

To generate solutions that are beneficial for all involved

What is the significance of using a problem analysis chart in quality improvement activities?

It helps in better communication, issue capturing, and making informed changes

Why are healthcare facilities impacted by external agencies with quality requirements?

To ensure quality standards are upheld and monitored

What organization ensures that quality standards are set, monitored, and maintained by member healthcare facilities?

The Joint Commission

What is the common goal of representatives from different workgroups when identifying issues and improving quality?

To improve processes by capturing issues and fostering better communication

What is one key responsibility of each technician mentioned in the text?

Helping ensure everyone is properly trained

In the context of the text, why is allowing a known defective product out of the department considered inexcusable?

It results in potential harm to patients

How do technicians contribute to departmental audits according to the text?

By knowing the environment and processes best

What is the consequence of not following departmental policies, procedures, and processing protocols as per the text?

Lower-quality products which may harm patients

How does keeping current with new technology help technicians according to the text?

It enhances the ability to check work as technology advances

Why are technicians encouraged to report others who are struggling with a process as per the text?

To maintain a focus on patient safety

Test your knowledge on Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) methods for instrument processing, including planning and implementing CQI programs. Explore the importance of input from various staff members involved in equipment use.

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