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What is the first stage in consumer buying behavior?

Problem recognition

What is the focus of marketing at the problem recognition stage?

Helping people identify problems

What is the second stage in the consumer buying process?


What is the main consideration in the criteria stage of the buying process?

Features of the new purchase

What is the goal of the buying process during the 'Search for a Solution' stage?

To get the product or service in front of the consumer and make them aware of the solution

During the 'Evaluate Options' stage, what becomes extremely important tools of persuasion?

Branding and product differentiation

What is the focus of the 'Decide and Purchase' stage in the buying process?

Making a purchase decision after a comprehensive review of solutions and specific products

What is 'Buyer’s Remorse'?

A sense of regret after making a purchase

How does the internet affect the buying process during the 'information gathering' stage?

Provides access to a wide range of product information and reviews

What is impulse buying?

A want or need is felt when the product is seen and an immediate impulse decision to buy occurs

What is the focus of the 'post purchase evaluation' stage?

Evaluating whether the purchase was good and encouraging repeat purchases

What are some strategies to help someone avoid impulse buying?

Creating a list before shopping and sticking to it, setting a budget, and avoiding shopping when emotional

Test your understanding of consumer motivation and the buying process with this quiz. Identify key concepts such as impulse buying, consumer and industrial motivation, and track a product through the buying process. Are you ready to dive into the world of consumer behavior and decision-making?

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