Conservatives and Change in the 19th Century

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Why were socialists against private property according to the text?

Individuals who owned property prioritized personal gain over the welfare of workers.

What was the primary basis of a socialist society, as mentioned in the text?

Collective control of property by society as a whole.

How did Robert Owen contribute to the socialist movement?

He established a cooperative community called New Harmony.

What did Louis Blanc advocate for in France?

Encouraging government support for cooperatives.

How did Karl Marx view industrial society?

Industrial society was considered 'capitalist' with capitalists owning factories.

According to Karl Marx, where did the profit of capitalists come from?

Workers produced the profits for capitalists.

Explore the evolving views of conservatives towards change in the 19th century, from staunch opposition to an acceptance of the inevitability of change while advocating for traditional values. Understand the clash of differing ideas about societal change during this transformative period.

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