Conductive and Convective Heating Definitions

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What is the process by which heat is transferred from a hot object to another one with less heat by contact?

Conductive heating

What does specific heat refer to?

The quantity of heat required to raise the temperature of a substance

What is the unit of specific heat usually expressed in?

Calories or joules per gram per Celsius degree

What does thermal conductivity refer to?

The ability of a given material to conduct/transfer heat

What is a hydrocollator used for?

Automatic heating unit which holds steam packs heated in water at a constant temperature ready for use

What does heat exchange by conduction refer to?

Transfer of heat on molecular level affected by the transfer of kinetic energy during the collision of molecules

What is the main factor that governs the speed at which heat will flow and cause a rise in temperature?

Thermal conductivity of the source and substance

Which type of tissue conducts heat faster based on its water content?

Tissue with higher water content

What is the specific heat of fat?


Which of the following is a source of conductive heating?

Paraffin wax baths

What is the main function of a hydrocollator pack?

To produce a uniform and constant temperature to heat steam packs

What property does the fabric envelope of a hydrocollator pack contain?

Silica gel which absorbs water and gives moist heat when heated

How long do hydrocollator packs provide moist heat for?

30-40 minutes

What is the purpose of using hot moist packs?

To give gentle moist heat for pain relief and relaxing spasmed muscles

What is the weight range that the part selected to be treated must be able to tolerate when using hot moist packs?

500-800 grams

How long can a hydrocollator pack retain its heat for?

30 minutes

Test your knowledge on the definitions of conductive heating, convective heating, and specific heat. Learn about the processes of heat transfer and the quantity of heat required to raise the temperature of a substance.

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