Communication Protocols and Layers

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What is the main function of the Data Link Layer?

Error-free delivery of messages from one node to another

Which layer helps in identifying errors and re-synchronizing data properly?

Session Layer

In the context of the text, what does 'segmentation' refer to?

Breaking data into smaller units for transmission

Which layer is responsible for logical addressing and routing path determination?

Network Layer

Which layer of the OSI model is responsible for establishing, maintaining, and terminating sessions?

Session Layer (Layer 5)

What is the primary function of the Presentation Layer in the OSI model?

Data translation and encryption/decryption

In the OSI model, which layer is responsible for reducing the number of bits that need to be transmitted in order to improve data transmission speed?

Presentation Layer (Layer 6)

Which layer in the OSI model facilitates authentication, connection establishment, and security maintenance?

Session Layer (Layer 5)

What is the main purpose of error control in the Data Link layer?

To detect and retransmit damaged or lost frames

Which layer is responsible for adding physical addresses (MAC address) to the frames?

Data Link layer

What is the function of flow control in data communication?

To ensure a constant data rate on both sides

Which layer of the OSI model is responsible for the synchronization of bits by providing a clock?

Physical layer

Explore concepts related to communication protocols and layers such as synchronization, dialog controller, segmentation, flow control, and error control. Learn how these layers enable proper communication between systems and prevent data loss.

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