Cognitive Development Theories Review

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According to the interactionist approach to language, what plays a key role in language development?

Genetically determined predispositions and environmental circumstances

How does the interactionist perspective differ from nativist perspectives on language development?

It emphasizes the influence of social factors in addition to innate factors

From the interactionist viewpoint, what determines the specific course of language development in children?

The language children are exposed to and reinforcement for language use

How do interactionists view the role of social factors in language development?

Critical, as they provide motivation for language use and skill growth

In the context of cognitive development, how might the interactionist approach view motor development?

As interconnected with cognitive growth due to social interactions

What aspect of development is emphasized by the interactionist approach in relation to environmental influences?

The effects of reinforcement and language exposure on language development

What aspect of cognitive development do information processing approaches focus on?

Quantitative changes in organizing and using information

How is cognitive growth viewed in terms of encoding, storage, and retrieval?

Increasing sophistication

What are unresolved questions about infants' memory capabilities?

Duration and accuracy of infant memories

How is infant intelligence measured in information processing approaches?

Using variations in speed and quality of processing information

What does the text suggest regarding the impact of teratogenic drugs on development?

They can negatively affect development

What is a key feature of infants' memory capabilities during their first two years of life?

Deficits in memory capabilities

What is a limitation of using developmental scales like Gesell's or Bayley's according to the text?

Predicting a child's future course of development accurately.

How do Gesell's and Bayley's scales provide value to health care providers?

By identifying cases where infants need immediate special attention.

What is a child who scores 100 on the Bayley Scales considered to be?

At an average level compared to other children at the same age.

Why might tests be administered using these scales?

To determine if an infant is suffering from developmental delays.

What does the text suggest about the association between measures of behavior during infancy and adult intelligence?

It is minimal and not very significant.

What can developmental scales such as Gesell's or Bayley's help with?

Identifying cases where infants need immediate special attention.

What is one of the main criticisms of programs claiming to 'multiply' a baby's intelligence?

No infant has the ability to read, making the claim unrealistic

According to Piaget, how do children primarily learn?

By exploring and interacting with their environment

What is one way parents can promote infants' cognitive development, as suggested in the text?

Providing infants with opportunities to explore their environment

What is the stance of reputable organizations like the American Academy of Pediatrics towards programs claiming to enhance a baby's intelligence?

They criticize and denounce such programs

How should parents communicate with their infants to promote cognitive development?

Speak with babies, ask questions, listen to responses, and engage in further communication

What action should parents avoid based on the text's discussion on promoting infants' cognitive development?

Enrolling infants in programs that claim to multiply intelligence

Which areas do the Bayley Scales focus on?

Mental abilities and motor abilities

What does the Bayley approach yield as a developmental quotient?

Overall developmental score

Which developmental domains are included in the Developmental Quotient formulated by Arnold Gesell?

Personal-social behavior and language use

What age range does the Bayley Scales of Infant and Toddler Development evaluate?

2 to 42 months

Which aspect of infants' development is evaluated by the motor scale of the Bayley Scales?

Gross motor skills

In what ways do the Bayley Scales mirror Gesell's approach?

By providing an overall development score

Review the information processing approaches to cognitive development, focusing on how infants process information. Explore the effects of social factors on learning and cognition, coupled with advances in biochemistry of the brain. Gain a comprehensive understanding of cognitive development theories.

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