Memory Retention in Infants and Factors for Learning

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What is the purpose of the rooting reflex in infants?

To facilitate bottle or breast feeding

Which reflex in infants is triggered by touching the palms?

Grasping reflex

In the context of development, what does the Moro reflex involve?

Throwing the head back and flinging out arms and legs

Which term best describes body reflexes in infancy according to the provided content?

Adaptive behaviors

What is a key characteristic of body reflexes in infancy according to dynamic systems theory?

Embodied changes in the body

What is the main function of the sucking reflex in infants?

Facilitate bottle or breast feeding

At what age are infants typically able to distinguish faces, such as male versus female or own ethnic group?


Which method is used to measure the length of time infants attend to different stimuli to determine if they can distinguish one stimulus from another?

Habituation method

What is the main difference between sensation and perception?

Sensation involves sensory receptors, while perception involves interpretation.

Why is visual acuity limited in infants during the first few months of life?

Underdeveloped nerves and muscles

What term refers to the decreased responsiveness to a stimulus after repeated presentations of that stimulus?


What role does experience play in face processing among infants?

It plays an important role in face processing through perceptual narrowing

What is the virtue associated with developing a sense of trust towards caregivers during the stage of Mistrust (Birth - around 18 months of age)?


At what age does the development of self-recognition typically occur, as mentioned in the text?

18 months

When does face-to-face play typically start according to the text?

2-3 months

What is infantile or childhood amnesia?

Inability to remember much from the first three years of life

What skills in infants help them initiate social interchanges, thus increasing independence?

Enhanced locomotion skills

What is a key factor required for learning according to the text?


Which stage, as described by Erikson, involves the development of autonomy versus shame and doubt?

Second year of life

What does infinite generativity refer to?

The ability to produce endless meaningful sentences using a finite set of words and rules

What behavior helps infants understand that other people have intentions, as mentioned in the text?

Joint attention and gaze-following

What do infants typically start doing in the first six months related to language development?

Recognize when sounds change, regardless of language

Which vocalization emerges at 2 to 4 months expressing pleasure in infants?


At what age do infants typically start showing gestures like pointing according to the text?

7 to 15 months

What emotions did the 6-month-old infants display when observing their mothers giving attention to a baby doll?

Anger and sadness

Which type of cry is described as a rhythmic pattern consisting of a cry, a briefer silence, a shorter whistle, then a rest before the next cry?

Basic cry

At what age does the infant's social smile typically occur in response to a face?

3 months

Which emotion first appears around the age of 6 months, but can manifest earlier for neglected and abused infants?


What is the term used to describe an infant's fear towards strangers?

Stranger anxiety

What impact can the infant's social smile have on caregivers according to the text?

Positive impact

Explore the memory retention capabilities of infants at different ages and factors required for learning such as language and forms of communication. Discover the concept of infinite generativity in language.

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