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  • Cognitive development involves acquiring abilities to understand and control the environment.
  • Intelligence is the capacity to comprehend, learn, and use knowledge to solve problems and adapt.
  • Intelligence is related to other cognitive processes such as attention, memory, thinking, and perception.
  • Intelligence has been traditionally measured through standardized tests.
  • These tests provide information about various aspects of a child's developmental process.
  • Tests should be administered by psychologists and educators can use the results to improve learning.
  • The concept of intelligence is complex and abstract, and there are different theories about its measurement and development.
  • Gardner's theory of multiple intelligences suggests that intelligence is not innate but can be developed through interaction with the environment.
  • Gardner defines intelligence as the ability to solve problems and create valuable products in one or more cultures.
  • The theory of emotional intelligence by Goleman is also widely accepted.


Test your knowledge on cognitive development and intelligence with this informative quiz. Learn about the different aspects of intelligence and how it relates to cognitive processes such as memory, attention, and perception. Explore the traditional methods of measuring intelligence and the theories that challenge its definition. Take this quiz and discover your level of understanding on these fascinating topics.

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