Cognitive and Language Development Discussion Outline

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What does development refer to?

Changes in physical, social, intellectual, mental, and emotional skills over time

Which aspect of development includes body growth in terms of height and weight changes?

Physical Development

What does emotional development refer to?

Feelings and dealing with various emotions like love, hate, joy, fear, and excitement

Which aspect of development refers to interactions and relationships with other people?

Social Development

What does moral development refer to?

Children’s development of proper attitudes and behaviors toward other people based on social and cultural norms, rules, and laws

During which stage of life does late childhood occur?

6-12 years

What principle describes the ongoing interchange between heredity and the environment in development?

Epigenetic principle

According to Piaget, child development is determined by:

Biological maturation and interaction with the environment

Piaget's theory states that children progress through stages in:

The same order at different rates

Which stage of life usually involves individuals aged 65 and older?

Late Adulthood

This discussion outline covers an overview of child development, cognitive development, and language development in two meetings. It includes learning goals, defining development, explaining main processes and periods, and linking development and education.

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