Coastal Plains of India

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What is the only active volcano in India?

Barren Island

Which country occupies a large part of highlands, plateaus, and small mountains?


Where is the highest peak of Brazil, Pico de Neblina, located?

Brazilian Highlands

Which physiographic division of Brazil is described as Brazilian Shield or Brazilian Plateau?


Which region has an altitude of more than 1000m in Brazil?

Brazilian Highlands

Which island group includes an island with the only active volcano in India?

Nicobar group

Which sea does the western coast of India border?

Arabian Sea

What kind of coast is the western coastline of India?

Rocky coast

Why do rivers originating from the Western Ghats not form deltas on the western coast?

They are short and swift

What geological process has mainly shaped the eastern coast of India?

Depositional work of rivers

Which island group in the Arabian Sea is known for its atoll islands?

Lakshadweep Islands

What is the main type of islands found in the Andaman group in the Bay of Bengal?

Volcanic islands

Explore the unique characteristics of India's coastal plains, which extend approximately 7500 km along the Arabian Sea and the Bay of Bengal. Dive into the geographical features and dissimilarities of the western and eastern coastlines, including the formation of estuaries by swift rivers originating from the Western Ghats.

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