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What is the main process of coastal erosion?

Hydraulic action

What is the movement of material in the sea and along the coast by waves called?

Coastal transportation

What is the type of mechanical weathering that occurs when rocks are porous and allow water to pass through?

Freeze-thaw weathering

What is the movement of material along the shore by wave action called?

Longshore drift

What is the type of chemical weathering that occurs when slightly acidic water dissolves sedimentary rock such as limestone?


What is the downhill movement of cliff material under the influence of gravity called?

Mass movement

What is the process of material being transported by the sea being dropped when waves lose energy called?

Coastal deposition

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Test your knowledge on coastal erosion with this internet geography revision quiz. Learn about the three main processes of coastal erosion, including hydraulic action, and how waves cause air compression in cliffs. Brush up on your understanding of bedrock erosion and other key concepts specific to coastal geography. Get ready to ace your next exam with this informative quiz!

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