Co-ordination Compounds vs Double Salts Quiz

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What distinguishes double salts from coordination compounds?

Formation from simple salts in equimolar proportion

In a coordination compound, how are metal atoms bound to anions or neutral molecules?

By sharing geometry

What is the property of double salts that differentiates them from coordination compounds?

Primary and secondary valency

Which type of complex carries a positive charge in coordination compounds?

Cationic Complex

What is the charge carried by the complex [Fe(CN)₆]⁴⁻?


In a neutral complex, what type of charge does it carry?

No charge

What is the shared characteristic between cationic and anionic complexes in coordination compounds?

They both satisfy primary and secondary valencies.

What sets apart neutral complexes from cationic and anionic complexes?

Their lack of charge

This quiz covers the differences between co-ordination compounds and double salts. Learn about their structures, formations, and properties to enhance your understanding of inorganic chemistry.

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