Neuro-muscular Co-ordination and Postural Reflex Quiz

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What is the main function of neuro-muscular co-ordination in relation to posture?

Maintaining posture

Which sensory receptors in the body are responsible for detecting changes in body position and movement?

Vestibular receptors

What is a common local factor that can contribute to poor posture?

Prolonged sitting

How does poor posture affect health according to the text?

Increases pressure on the spine

Which of the following factors is NOT mentioned as contributing to faulty posture?


What is the main factor that controls posture according to the text?

A set of anatomical structures

How is good posture defined in the text?

Correct body positions with balanced weight distribution

What does the text suggest about posture in relation to muscle use for an erect position?

Active muscle use

Which statement best describes the difference between active and inactive posture?

Active posture involves dynamic movements, while inactive posture maintains static body positions.

What role does the nervous system play in the postural mechanism?

Pattern of posture and physical characteristics

Test your knowledge on neuro-muscular co-ordination, postural reflex, and nervous control involved in maintaining posture. Explore concepts such as CNS efferent response, antigravity muscles, and afferent stimuli from different sensory receptors.

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