Clinical Chemistry: pH and Specific Gravity

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Which substance is used to detect albumin in urine using the Micral Test?


How long are strips typically held in urine for the Micral Test?

5 seconds

What does the top band represent in the Immunodip test?

Bound particles (urine albumin)

Which component in Acetest Tablets helps with better color differentiation?


What does Ictotest Tablets detect in urine?


What level of proteinuria is classified as 'Moderate' according to the text?

Between 1.0-4.0 g/day

Which health condition is NOT associated with Hyperglycemia according to the text?

Kidney stones

Which of the following is NOT mentioned as a cause of Ketonuria in the text?

High-protein diet

Myoglobinuria can result from all of the following EXCEPT:

Lung infection

Hematuria can be caused by all of the following EXCEPT:

Regular exercise

'Mild' proteinuria is classified at what level in the text?

< 1.0 g/day

Which test is four times more sensitive than the reagent strip in detecting bilirubin?


What does a yellow or greenish-yellow foam indicate in the foam test?

Likelihood of bilirubin presence

Which compound can cause a false-positive result in the foam test for bilirubin?


What color indicates a positive result in Ehrlich's Tube Test?

Cherry red

In the Watson-Schwartz Differentiation Test, what does a red color indicate?

Presence of urobilinogen

Which substance is soluble in both chloroform and butanol in the Watson-Schwartz Differentiation Test?


Test your knowledge on pH and specific gravity in clinical chemistry with this quiz. Topics include principle, result interpretation, reagents used, clinical significance, and more.

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