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What is the focus of the text?

Data privacy and security practices

What type of book is being promoted in the text?

Higher Secondary Political Science Class 12 Hindi Medium

What might influence data privacy and security practices according to the text?

Region, use, and age

What kind of discounts are mentioned in the text?

Credit card EMI transaction discounts

What action does the text prompt the reader to take?

"Be the first to review" the product

Study Notes

Class 12 Political Science in Hindi

  • Based on rationalized NCERT books for academic session 2023-24

Class 12th Political Science Chapters (Part 1)

  • Chapter 1: Bipolarity
  • Chapter 2: Power
  • Chapter 3: Contemporary South Asia
  • Chapter 4: International Relations
  • Chapter 5: Contemporary World Politics
  • Chapter 6: Environment and Politics
  • Chapter 7: Globalization

Class 12th Political Science Chapters (Part 2)

  • Chapter 1: Nation-Building
  • Chapter 2: One Party System
  • Chapter 3: Planned Development
  • Chapter 4: India's External Relations
  • Chapter 5: Congress System
  • Chapter 6: Democratic Politics
  • Chapter 7: Regionalization
  • Chapter 8: Indian Politics

Test your knowledge of Class 12 Political Science solutions in Hindi medium based on NCERT books for the academic session 2023-24. Explore question answers for both Part 1 and Part 2 in Hindi medium.

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