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What is an essential requirement for teachers in the twenty-first century classroom?

Being flexible in their teaching approach

What is a critical attribute of the twenty-first century curriculum mentioned in the text?

Integration of higher-order thinking skills

What does the text emphasize as a key aspect of an ideal learning environment?

Plenty of wall space for displaying student work

What is the main focus of 21st century schools as mentioned in the text?

Project-based curriculum for life

What do 21st century schools aim to transform their curriculum into?

Nerve centers with open walls and roofless

What is the role of teachers expected to transform into in the 21st century classroom?

Facilitators of learning

What is one of the key requirements for schools in the 21st century, according to the text?

Creating a culture of inquiry

What is expected of learners in the 21st century, based on the text?

Adaptive to changes

What is a critical attribute of the twenty-first century curriculum mentioned in the text?

Project-based and research-driven

In the 21st century learning environment, students are encouraged to:

Use technologies, including Internet systems and other platforms

What must teachers do to prepare students for life in the real world in the 21st century?

Instill curiosity, which is fundamental to lifelong learning

What does the 21st century curriculum integrate according to the text?

Higher-order thinking skills, multiple intelligences, technology, and multimedia

What is a characteristic of a 21st century learning environment, as described in the text?

Cooperative learning, use of technologies, and collaboration with peers

Test your knowledge of the innovative project-based curriculum at The London School of Economics and Political Science, as discussed in 'Building and Enhancing New Literacies Across the Curriculum' by Elmer B. De Leon. Explore the shift from traditional textbook-driven education to a project-based approach and its impact on defining the educated person.

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