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What is the Preamble to the Charter of Rights and Freedoms?

It states that Canada is founded on principles that recognize the supremacy of God and the rule of law.

What does Section 2(b) of the Charter protect?

Freedom of the press.

What is the role of Section 24 of the Charter?

It addresses how rights are protected if they are violated.

What is defamation?

A false statement that harms a person's reputation.

Who can be defamed?

Individuals and corporations alike.

What are the three things that the plaintiff must establish to prove defamation?

That the statement was false, communicated to a third party, and harmed their reputation.

What is the main difference between civil law and criminal law?

The burden of proof required

What does the term 'stare decisis' refer to?

Following precedent in similar cases

'Ultra vires' means:

Beyond one's power or authority

What is the purpose of the British North America Act?

Protecting the rights of Canadians

Who makes the common law?


What is the highest court in Canada and what is its main impact on the legal system?

Supreme Court of Canada; Interprets the Constitution and sets precedent

Test your knowledge of civil law, criminal law, torts, defamation, privacy, legal remedies, plaintiffs, defendants, accuseds, burden of proof, balance of probabilities, proof beyond a reasonable doubt, the rule of law, and key principles of the legal system.

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