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What is the definition of chronic inflammation?

Inflammation of prolonged duration

What are the two types of chronic inflammation based on the cause?

Non-specific and specific

Which type of granuloma is characterized by the chief reactive cell being an activated macrophage?

Non-infective granuloma

Which condition is an example of infective granuloma?

Lymphogranuloma inguinale

What is the distinct pattern of chronic inflammation in which tiny granules fuse to form a tumor-like mass?


Which condition is an example of non-infective granuloma?

Rheumatic fever

Which type of wound healing occurs when wound edges cannot be apposed?

Secondary intention

Which type of cell does not proliferate under normal conditions but only when there is a need?

Stable cells

What is the process of replacement of the damaged tissue by granulation tissue which matures to fibrous tissue?

Organization healing

Which factor delays wound healing and leads to more granulation tissue and scarring?


What is the best example of healing by regeneration in humans?

Liver regeneration

Which cells are continuously dividing throughout life to replace damaged cells?

Labile cells

What type of inflammation heals by organization?

Serofibrinous inflammation

Which type of repair involves the replacement of injured cells by cells of the same type?

Regenerative repair

Test your knowledge about chronic inflammation, tissue injury, and repair processes. Learn about the causes and types of chronic inflammation, including de novo and on top of acute inflammation.

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