Chronic Inflammation and Repair Quiz

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In which type of wound healing does the wound slowly fill with granulation tissue from the bottom up?

Secondary intention

What is the replacement of damaged tissue by healthy new tissue called?


What type of inflammation results in red granular, velvety, moist, bleeds easily, and resistant to infection tissue?

Exudative inflammation

Which type of cells are continuously dividing throughout life to replace damaged cells?

Labile cells

Which factor delays wound healing and leads to more granulation tissue and scarring?

Ionizing radiation

What is the duration of chronic inflammation?


What is the primary reactive cell in a granuloma?

Activated macrophage

Which type of inflammation cannot have its cause identified from the inflammatory reaction?

Chronic non-specific inflammation

What type of granuloma is caused by tuberculosis?

Bacterial granuloma

What disease can lead to allergic granulomas?

Rheumatic fever

Test your knowledge on chronic inflammation and tissue repair with this quiz. Explore the causes and types of chronic inflammation, as well as the coexistence of inflammation, tissue injury, and repair processes.

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