Chemistry: Water and Life Chapter 3 Quiz

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What is the molecular formula of water?

Which model represents the structure of water with higher electronegativity of the oxygen atom?

How many hydrogen bonds are around each oxygen atom in water?

What property of water contributes to Earth's suitability for life?

What is the measure of how hard it is to break the surface of a liquid?

What is the specific heat of water?

What process causes the cooling effect when a liquid evaporates?

Why does ice float in liquid water?

What makes water a versatile solvent?

What is the measure of the total amount of kinetic energy due to molecular motion?

What is the attraction between water and other substances called?

What is a liquid that is a homogeneous mixture of substances called?

What is the heat a liquid must absorb for 1 g to be converted to gas called?

What helps transport water against gravity in plants?

'Insulation of Bodies of Water by Floating Ice' is an example of:

What is the measure of the amount of heat that must be absorbed or lost for 1 g of a substance to change its temperature by 1ºC?

What property of water allows it to resist changing its temperature?

What effect does warmer temperatures in the Arctic have on sea ice?

What is the main reason for ice floating in liquid water?

Which of the following contributes to the versatility of water as a solvent?

What is the process by which water can stick to other molecules and make a hydrogen bond called?


Test your knowledge of the properties and significance of water in relation to life on Earth and beyond with this quiz covering topics such as the structure, chemical properties, emergent properties, and the effects of acidic and basic conditions on living organisms.

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