Chemistry Quiz: Lewis structures, chemical formulas, reactions

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Which element among Ga, Ge, As, and Se has the most unpaired electrons in its ground-state atom?


In the reaction between Iron (III) chloride and sodium hydroxide, which precipitate is formed that attracts suspended particles in wastewater?

Fe(OH)₂ (s)

If a 4.0 mol sample of ozone gas completely converts to oxygen gas, how many moles of O₂ are produced?

8.0 mol

How many orbitals are present in the 3d subshell?


What is the boiling point of the solution prepared by dissolving 5 mol of compound A in 2.5 kg of cyclohexane?


When nitric acid reacts with water, what ions are produced?

$H_3O^+$ and $NO_3^-$

What is the Lewis structure of hydrogen sulfide?


How many different chemical elements are represented in the chemical formula (NH4)2HPO4?


What is the correct relationship between the rate of appearance of Zn2+ and the rate of appearance of NH3 in the dry cell battery reaction?

RateZn2+ = 2 RateNH3

What was the molarity of the unknown C2H4O2 solution given the titration information provided?

0.63 M

What term is used to describe horizontal rows of elements in the periodic table?


What is the percent composition by mass of nitrogen in nitroglycerin, C₃H₅(NO₃)₃?


What is the molar mass of the volatile liquid closest to the given information?

45.1 g/mol

Who is credited with the discovery that states the volume of a fixed amount of gas increases as its pressure decreases?

Robert Boyle

Approximately what percent is the natural abundance of boron-10 based on the given isotopic data?


Why did the mass of the substance in the test tube increase after heating with a Bunsen burner and then cooling?

The substance reacted with oxygen in the air to form a new substance

Why is it important to consider pressure and temperature when studying gases?

To predict gas behavior accurately

What would be the effect on gas volume if the pressure on a fixed amount of gas is increased?


What is the mass percentage of oxygen gas (O₂) in potassium chlorate (KCIO₃)?


In the decomposition of potassium chlorate (KCIO₃), how many grams of potassium chloride (KCl) are produced from 2.45 g of KCIO₃?

0.960 g

What is the heat capacity (C) of the metal in J/g.°C?

3.60 J/g.°C

When the phosphate ion combines with the ammonium ion, which ionic compound is formed?


Which property is characteristic of halogens (Group 7A)?

High electronegativity

Which type of mixture does NOT scatter a beam of visible light passing through it?


What is the electron configuration of a neutral atom of silicon (Si)?

[Ne] 3s2 3p2

Based on the laboratory analysis results, what is the most likely composition of the unknown solid?

Bleached flour only

What is the charge on the cobalt (Co) Ion in cobalt phosphate [Co₃(PO₄)₂]?


Which substance from the household solids experiments fizzes and forms bubbles when mixed with water?

Baking soda

What color solution does iodine form when mixed with the unknown solid?


Test your knowledge of chemistry with questions on Lewis structures, chemical formulas, and chemical reactions. Identify the Lewis structure of hydrogen sulfide, determine the number of elements in a given chemical formula, and understand the reaction in a dry cell battery.

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