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Chemistry of Nucleotides Quiz -lect-10

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Which nucleotide derivative serves as the universal currency of energy?

What is formed when a nucleoside is esterified to a phosphate group?

What type of nitrogenous base is adenine?

What are the components of a nucleotide?

What is the difference between a nucleoside diphosphate and a nucleoside triphosphate?

What is the role of NAD+ in cellular processes?

Which statement about DNA and RNA is correct?

What is the function of cAMP and cGMP?

What type of nucleic acid is concerned with the storage and transfer of genetic information?

What is formed when a base combines with a pentose sugar?

What are the purine bases present in RNA and DNA?

Which of the following best describes the function of transfer RNA (tRNA)?

What is the approximate size of transfer RNA (tRNA)?

How many tRNAs are found in humans, despite there being 20 amino acids?

What gives transfer RNA (tRNA) its clover leaf shape?

Which sequence is present towards the 3’ end (acceptor arm) of transfer RNA (tRNA)?

What is the role of the last nucleotide, adenine, at the 3’ end of transfer RNA (tRNA)?

What does the anticodon arm of transfer RNA (tRNA) have?

What is the major difference between ribosomal RNAs (rRNAs) and transfer RNA (tRNA)?

What is the sugar component in DNA?

Where is RNA found?

Which of the following bases are found in RNA?

What is the nature of DNA?

Which of the following are purine bases in nucleic acids?

What is the main difference between nucleosides and nucleotides?

How are deoxyribonucleosides denoted to avoid confusion?

What is the significance of 5'-phosphates in nucleotides?

Which position of ribose or deoxyribose can be phosphorylated to form nucleotides?

What are nucleoside triphosphates, such as ATP, used for in biological processes?

How are cyclic nucleotides, such as cAMP and cGMP, formed?

What is the role of nucleotide triphosphates in biological processes?

What is the composition of RNA?

What stabilizes mRNA and assists in its translation?

What role does transfer RNA (tRNA) play in protein synthesis?

What holds together the structure of RNA?


  • The purine bases in nucleic acids are adenine and guanine, while pyrimidine bases are cytosine, thymine, and uracil
  • Nucleosides are formed when bases attach to pentose sugar (ribose or deoxyribose) through a beta-N-glycosidic bond
  • Deoxyribonucleosides are denoted with the prefix "d-" and have different carbon designations to avoid confusion
  • Nucleotides are phosphate esters of nucleosides, and most biologically active ones are 5'-phosphates
  • Nucleotides can be formed with either ribose or deoxyribose, which can be phosphorylated at the 3' or 5' positions
  • Nucleoside triphosphates, such as ATP, are high-energy compounds used as cofactors and energy currencies
  • Cyclic nucleotides, such as cAMP and cGMP, are formed by phosphodiester linkages between the 3' and 5' positions of the ribose group
  • Nucleotides and nucleic acids absorb ultraviolet light, and nucleotide triphosphates play essential roles in various biological processes
  • RNA is a single-stranded polymer of ribonucleotides, and messenger RNA (mRNA) carries genetic information from DNA for protein synthesis
  • RNA is composed of ribose sugar, nitrogenous bases, and phosphate, and its structure is held together by hydrogen bonds between bases and by phosphodiester bonds between nucleotides.
  • mRNA contains a poly(A) tail at its 3' end, which stabilizes the mRNA and helps in its translation
  • Transfer RNA (tRNA) plays a role in translating the genetic code from mRNA to protein
  • The structure of DNA, proposed by Watson and Crick, consists of two complementary strands coiled around the same axis and held together by hydrogen bonds between the bases.
  • RNA comes in various forms, such as messenger RNA (mRNA), transfer RNA (tRNA), and ribosomal RNA (rRNA), and each type plays distinct roles in the cell.


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