Chemistry of Lipids: Definition and Functions

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Which of the following is a common property of lipids?

What is the main function of supplying the body with fat-soluble vitamins?

Which disease is associated with abnormal chemistry or metabolism of lipids?

What is the primary role of lipoproteins in the body?

Which type of lipid provides shape and contour to the body?

What is the common property of all lipids mentioned in the definition?

What is the general formula for fatty acids?

Which type of fatty acids contain no double bonds and are solid at room temperature?

What are fats mainly composed of?

Which lipid is an ester of fatty acids with higher molecular weight monohydric alcohols?

What is the classification of fatty acids based on the 'R' group?

Which lipid molecule is derived from simple/compound lipids on their hydrolysis?

What are the aliphatic carboxylic acids mainly occurring as in natural fats and oils?

Which lipid contains esters of fatty acids with various alcohols along with an additional group?

What is the molecular formula for saturated fatty acids?

What type of fatty acids may further be divided into Monounsaturated (MUFA) and Polyunsaturated (PUFA) acids?


This quiz covers the definition and functions of lipids, including their heterogeneous nature and common properties. It also discusses their role as a storage form of energy and their solubility characteristics.

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