Challenges in Forensic Science Analysis

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What is the issue highlighted in the text?

Misuse of scientific evidence

Which state in the USA is mentioned in the text regarding a pathologist faking autopsy results?


Who often tends to benefit from the misuse of scientific evidence according to the text?


What key criteria were reaffirmed by the Supreme Court in the Daubert v. Merrell Dow Pharmaceuticals case?

'General acceptance' criteria

What is the purpose of the Frye Test, Daubert Standard, and Kumho Doctrine?

Evaluate scientific evidence in criminal cases

In which case did plaintiffs sue a drug company for birth abnormalities allegedly induced by a medicine?

Daubert v. Merrell Dow Pharmaceuticals

What criteria can be factored into hearings related to the admissibility of scientific or technological evidence?

Empirical testing and known error rate

Which criterion is essential for the scientific status of a theory according to K. Popper?

Falsifiability, refutability, and testability

What aspect ensures flaws in methodology would have been detected for a scientific theory or technique?

Subjected to peer review and publication

Which consideration is important for determining the validity and reliability of tests?

Known threats to validity and reliability

What does the technique of a scientific expert need to rely on to ensure admissibility?

Special skills and equipment reliance

Why is it important that the technique and its results can be explained with sufficient community and simplicity?

To aid understanding by the court and the jury

Why has Questioned Documents been ruled as not requiring the Daubert test by many judges?

Because scientific principles are not relevant to the day-to-day tasks performed by practicing QDEs.

Which type of analysis is facing difficulties and has not been decided due to controversies over required qualifications for analysts?

Trace Evidence Comparison

Why have Voice Comparison techniques mostly failed the Daubert test?

Due to lack of scientific validity

What is the general stance of Philippine jurisprudence towards the Frye-Schwartz and Daubert-Kumho standards?

They have a persuasive effect but are not controlling

According to Section 3, Rule 128 of the Philippine Rules of Court, when is evidence considered admissible?

When it is relevant to the fact in issue and not excluded by statute or rules

What is the key requirement for evidence to be deemed admissible under Philippine jurisprudence?

Being relevant to the fact in issue and not excluded by statute

Explore the challenges and controversies faced by various forensic science analysis techniques such as Questioned Documents, Trace Evidence Comparison, and Voice Comparison. Learn about the complexities involved in these areas of forensic science.

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