Cell Signaling and Steroid Hormones Quiz

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Where are steroid hormone receptors typically located within cells?

In the cytoplasm or nucleus

What is the ultimate destination of steroid receptor-hormone complexes?


What is the function of steroid hormone receptors?

Function as transcription factors in the nucleus

Where are steroid hormones synthesized?

In the adrenal cortex, gonads, and placenta

What is the main site of steroid hormone synthesis in producing cells?

Smooth endoplasmic reticulum

How are steroid hormones excreted from the body?

Conjugated to sulfate or glucuronide, then excreted in urine or bile

Where are steroid hormone receptors located?

In the cytoplasm or nucleus

What happens when the receptor-hormone complex is formed?

It activates or represses genes

What is the function of the activated genes in the cytoplasm?

They create new mRNA

Why do steroid hormones typically not mediate reflex pathways that require rapid responses?

As a result of a lag time between receptor binding and measurable biological effects

Test your knowledge on cell signaling pathways and the production of steroid hormones in the body. Questions may cover second messenger systems, G protein subtypes, and the synthesis of steroid hormones from cholesterol.

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