Cell Membranes and Prokaryotic Cells Quiz

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What is the fundamental structure of the cell membrane?

Lipid bilayer

Which prokaryotes are mentioned in the text?

Bacteria and Archaea

Why are cell membranes referred to as semi-permeable or selectively permeable?

They selectively allow some substances to pass while restricting others

What is the main function of the plasma membrane?

Protection for the cell

Which organelle is responsible for photosynthesis in prokaryotes?


Where is the lipid bilayer found in a cell?

Forming the cell membrane

What types of reactions occur within a prokaryotic cell?

Reactions within the cytoplasm only

What does the plasma membrane separate inside the cell?

The internal environment from the external environment

Which structures carry out specific functions of the plasma membrane?

Lipids and Proteins

What provides a fixed environment inside a cell?

Plasma membrane

Test your knowledge on cell membranes and prokaryotic cells, including the phospholipid bilayer structure and the characteristics of prokaryotes such as Bacteria and Archaea. Learn about the functions of proteins embedded within the membrane and their roles in cell transport.

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