Prokaryotic Cell Structure: Cell Membrane Functions

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What is the primary function of the cell membrane in a prokaryotic cell?

To regulate the entrance and exit of dissolved substances

What is the component of the bacterial cell membrane that strengthens it?


What is the role of the cell membrane in energy conservation?

Playing a major role in energy consumption

What is the difference between the bacterial and archaeal cell membrane?

Chemistry of the membrane

What is the function of the layer outside the cytoplasmic membrane in Archaea?

To provide structural strength and shape to the cell

What is the effect of targeting bacterial cell wall synthesis?

The cell becomes susceptible to osmotic lysis

What is the main benefit of antibiotics that target bacterial cell walls?

They are of obvious benefit for treating bacterial infections

What is the main component of the cell wall in Gram-positive bacteria?


What is the function of teichoic acid in the bacterial cell wall?

To bind divalent metal ions

What is the name of the space located between the outer surface of the cytoplasmic membrane and the inner surface of the outer membrane?


What is the characteristic of specific porins?

They contain a binding site for one or a group of structurally related substances

What is the main characteristic of pseudomurein?

It is immune from destruction by both lysozyme and penicillin

This quiz covers the structure and functions of the cell membrane in prokaryotic cells, including its role in permeability, anchoring proteins, and energy conservation. Test your knowledge of the cell membrane's importance in cell functions.

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