Cell Cycle and Mitosis Overview

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During which phase of the cell cycle does karyokinesis occur?


What is the main function of cytokinesis in cell division?

Enclosing daughter cells in plasma membrane

Which phase of mitosis involves the separation of sister chromatids to opposite poles of the cell?


What occurs during the S phase of interphase?

DNA replication

In which phase does the nucleus of a cell divide into two identical daughter nuclei?


What is the main outcome of uncontrolled mitosis in an organism?

Tumor formation

What is the major difference between meiosis in males and females?

Oogenesis collects cytoplasm in one egg cell and reduces the other products to polar bodies.

What happens during the Second Meiotic Division?

Each gamete receives only one chromatid from each original tetrad.

How is cytokinesis different in mitosis and meiosis?

Cytokinesis in meiosis leads to four haploid gametes with equal cytoplasm.

What is the role of polar bodies in oogenesis?

Polar bodies have no role in oogenesis.

What characterizes interphase in terms of visible chromosomes?

Visible chromosomes are absent

What happens to a primary spermatocyte during spermatogenesis?

It undergoes meiosis I to produce haploid secondary spermatocytes.

During which phase of mitosis do centrioles migrate to opposite ends of the cell?


What is a zygote?

A cell formed when two gametes are joined by sexual reproduction.

What contributes to the elongation of the cell during mitosis?

Inter-polar microtubules

What is the function of Separase during mitosis?

Degradate cohesin

How many chromosomes are present at each pole at the end of anaphase in human cells?

46 chromosomes

What is the main event of telophase in mitosis?

Cytokinesis occurs

What is the main difference between Metaphase I in meiosis and Metaphase in mitosis?

In Metaphase I, chromosomes consist of tetrads, while in mitosis, chromosomes consist of sister chromatids.

What occurs during Anaphase II of meiosis that distinguishes it from Anaphase in mitosis?

In Anaphase II, centromeres divide and sister chromatids are separated, while in mitosis, centromeres do not divide.

What distinguishes Telophase I from Telophase II in meiosis?

In Telophase I, nuclear membrane reappears before cytokinesis, while in Telophase II, cytokinesis occurs before the nuclear membrane reappears.

Which characteristic is unique to Prophase II in meiosis when compared to Prophase in mitosis?

Prophase II is marked by the presence of tetrads attached by a common centromere, unlike Prophase in mitosis.

What event specifically occurs in Metaphase II that does not happen in Metaphase in mitosis?

Centromeres divide and chromatids separate at the metaphase plate.

What sets apart Karyokinesis during Anaphase I from Anaphase II?

Karyokinesis leads to the separation of sister chromatids in Anaphase I and homologous chromosomes separation in Anaphase II.

What is the main difference in the number of divisions between mitosis and meiosis?

In mitosis, there is one division, while in meiosis, there are two divisions.

Which stage of meiosis involves the formation of tetrads through synapsis of homologous chromosomes?

Prophase I

What is a key difference between the chromosomes in mitosis and meiosis?

In mitosis, sister chromatids separate, while in meiosis, homologous chromosomes pair up.

Which phase involves the separation of homologous chromosomes in meiosis?

Anaphase I

What characterizes the starting point of meiosis?

A diploid cell duplicating its genetic material

What is unique about prophase I in meiosis compared to mitotic prophase?

Homologous pairs actually pair up during prophase I.

Test your knowledge on the cell cycle and mitosis with this quiz covering stages such as G0, interphase, and prophase. Learn about the characteristics of cells in different stages and their role in the cell cycle progression.

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