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Reproduction ensures continuity of life, passing past traits from one generation to the next through the process of ___________.


In biology, irritability refers to the ability of an organism to respond to stimuli, showing sensitivity to different stimuli and responding to them in the organism's own ___________.


Fossils are preserved remains and traces of past life that provide ___________ evidence of ancient organisms.


The Principle of Superposition states that younger layers of sedimentary strata are deposited on top of older layers, allowing them to be dated using methods like ___________ dating.


DNA carries the genetic information of an organism and shares a similar genetic code across species, with humans and chimpanzees sharing approximately ___________ % of their DNA.


Homologous structures are features that have evolved from a common ancestor, showing ___________ in biological structure or sequence.


Test your knowledge on cell biology basics including cellular complexity, growth and development, reproduction, irritability, and homeostasis.

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