CBT and Beck's Instruments

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What is one of the nursing diagnoses based on assessment of psychotic symptoms mentioned in the text?

Risk for suicide

What is a recommended intervention for dealing with hallucinations as per the text?

Implementing interventions for hallucinations using therapeutic communication

Which of the following is NOT a recommended nursing intervention for coping with socially inappropriate behavior?

Encouraging socially inappropriate behavior

What is a key aspect of teaching clients and families as mentioned in the text?

Teaching self-care and proper nutrition

Which symptom is characterized by a feeling afraid or threatened by a clearly identifiable external stimulus?


What is a common behavioral symptom associated with anxiety disorders?

Vague feeling of dread

How should missed doses of medication be handled according to the text?

Take the forgotten dose if it's only 3-4 hours late; otherwise, omit it

What can be done to prevent orthostatic hypotension according to the text?

Rising slowly from lying to sitting position

What is an emotional symptom associated with anxiety disorders as mentioned in the text?

Irritability and restlessness

What should be avoided as part of medication management according to teachings in the text?

Avoid discussing side effects of medications

Explore the development of instruments by Aaron Beck and the successful applications of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) in various psychiatric diagnoses and populations.

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