Catalysis: An Introduction M.F. Baidoo 22.01.2024

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What percentage of products from the chemical industry are obtained via catalytic processes?


In catalytic reactions, what is the role of a catalyst?

Remains unchanged at the end of the process

What purpose do catalysts serve in industrial processes?

Allow reactions under feasible conditions

What is a characteristic difference between catalytic and non-catalytic reactions?

Catalysts are consumed in reactions, non-catalytic substances are not

What is the catalytic cracking of crude oil primarily used for?

Producing gasoline

How do catalysts impact the activation energy of a reaction?

Lower the activation energy

Which catalyst is commonly used in the hydrotreating of crude oil?


What reaction does the Wacker process involve?


Which of the following catalysts is involved in the steam reforming of methane to CO + H2?


What is the primary purpose of the hydrogenation process?

Reduction of NOx in exhaust

In heterogeneous catalysis, what aspect tends to be lower compared to homogeneous catalysis?


In which industry is homogeneous catalysis commonly applied?

Chemical/Petrochemical industry

Which type of catalyst is commonly found in a single-phase system?

Soluble catalysts

What is the product formed in the carbonylation reaction involving methanol and CO?

Methyl acetate

Which metal is commonly used as a catalyst in the production of carboxylic acid?

Rhodium (Rh)

What type of catalysis involves the use of enzymes?


Which reactant is involved in the production of adiponitrile through homogeneous catalysis?


Explore the fundamentals of catalysis and the importance of catalysts in chemical transformations. Learn about the role of catalysts in industrial processes and how they enable reactions to occur under feasible conditions.

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