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The chambers of the heart that receive blood from the body is called

Veins carry blood towards the heart T or F

Largest artery in the body is ?

Based on intercostal space where in the thorax is the heart found (dog)

The top part of the heart is termed the ______ while the bottom aspect is termed the ____

The inner lining of the chambers of the heart is termed ______

The central space where the heart lies is the _______

The fibrous membrane that covers the heart is termed _______

The heart muscle is termed _____

Systole is the relaxation phase of the heart T or F

Coon hounds often have eyelids that roll outward, the medical term that describes this is

You have a patient with vestibular disease. While examining the dogs eyes you notice they are oscillating back and forth, you tell the Dr. the patient has ________

A genetic problem caused by the lens becoming opaque, can lead to blindness is termed ______

As the veterinarian was looking in the ear canal with the use of an , and she noticed parasites () in the ear

Sometimes this type of infection can cause significant discharge () from the ear and can lead to ear pain ()

Sophie has had this problem for a short time (), and sophia has developed inflammation of the ear canal ()

Dogs with shallow eye sockets are at risk of their eyes coming out of their socket, especially if you hold the neck too tightly. This is termed _____

An increase in intraocular pressure (___) can lead to blindness if not treated quickly

A patient with dry eye will have significant ocular discharge. This medical condition is called _____

A dilate pupil (___) can be an indicator of a patient that is painful

When cats do not feel well their third eyelid gland (___) will often rise

A classic sign of head trauma is uneven pupils (___)

A constricted pupil (___) occurs when the eye is exposed to light

The absence of pain is termed

A patient that loses the ability to use their hindquarters is termed

A patient that is displaying some proprioception deficits and the neurologist request a (___) so that dye is injected into the subarachnoid space in order to outline any possible spinal cord problems

Abnormally low body temp

The dr had no idea where the patient picked up the virus, she wrote on the medical record that it was of _____ origin

Canines are know to have an amazing sense of smell (__)

Blood condition



A tracing, a mark

denoting a swelling



Pertaining to

Pertains to enzyme

Denoting a puncture

To view, process of viewing

Flow or discharge

Create an opening

to cut


Abnormally large lymph nodes

Abnormally elevated blood pressure

fluid between the tissues

Low heart rate

Outside the vein

Abnormal rhythm of the heart

relaxation phase of the cardiac cycle

Foreign substance or toxin in the body

Abnormal growth of thyroid gland

Decrease in circulating blood volume

Oxygen to the tissue is decreased

True or False: Systole is the relaxation phase of the heart.

What is the term for the condition where a patient loses the ability to use their hindquarters?

What is the term for the fibrous membrane that covers the heart?

What is the medical term for an abnormally low body temperature?






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