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Which Canadian author wrote the novel 'The Stone Angel'?

Margaret Laurence

Which Canadian author wrote the novel 'Life of Pi'?

Yann Martel

In which Canadian town is the fictional setting of Margaret Laurence's stories?


Which Canadian author is known for their memoir 'Halfbreed'?

Maria Campbell

Which Canadian author's novel features the character Agnes, who is the protagonist of the story 'As For Me and My House'?

Sinclair Ross

Who is considered to have inaugurated the field of postcolonial studies with his book 'Orientalism' in 1978?

Edward Said

Which Australian author wrote the memoir 'My Place' and is considered to be a breakthrough Indigenous author?

Sally Morgan

Who is known for their works 'The Chant of Jimmie Blacksmith' and 'Schindler's Ark'?

Thomas Keneally

Which term refers to the style of poetry and folk music that depicts life in the Australian bush?

Bush bards

Who is known as an expatriate author and feminist critic, and wrote 'The Female Eunuch'?

Germaine Greer

Which author is associated with the poem 'Fair girls and grey horses' and the depiction of Australian bush life?

Will H.

Who is the author of the novel The Cat's Table?

Michael Ondaatje

Which of the following novels is set in a fictional Manitoba small town named Manawaka?

The Diviners

Who won the Nobel Prize in 2013 for her work as a short story writer?

Alice Munro

Which novel is a prequel to The English Patient and revolves around immigrants in Toronto?

In the Skin of a Lion

Which novel by Margaret Atwood is a third part of the Oryx and Crake trilogy?

The Year of the Flood

'The Journals of Susanna Moodie' is a poetry work by which author?

Margaret Atwood

Test your knowledge of famous Canadian writers such as Margaret Laurence, Gabrielle Roy, Michael Ondaatje, and more. Explore key works like 'The Tin Flute', 'Life of Pi', 'The Book of Negroes', 'Funny Boy', and 'Halfbreed'.

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