Canadian Fur Trade History

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What was the main commodity exchanged in the fur trade?

Beaver pelts

Which European companies were major players in the fur trade in Canada?

Hudson's Bay Company and North West Company

What caused the decline of the fur trade over time?

Overhunting and changes in fashion trends

Which century saw the beginning of the fur trade in Canada?

17th century

What was the impact of the fur trade on the development of Canada?

Established trading posts and developed alliances

What did Europeans introduce to the fur trade that impacted Indigenous peoples?

New technologies and expanded trade

What was a major factor that drove the expansion of the fur trade westward?

Growing demand for fur in Europe

Which item was NOT commonly traded by Europeans in exchange for furs?

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Explore the history and impact of the fur trade in Canada, from its beginnings in the 17th century to the establishment of trading posts and alliances. Learn about the exchange of furs for European goods and the involvement of Indigenous peoples.

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