CAIE IGCSE Computer Science: Compilers, Interpreters, Assemblers & IDEs

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How is sound produced in loudspeakers/headphones after passing through a DAC?

By voltage differences vibrating a cone in the speaker at different frequencies

What determines the resolution of the image in Digital Light Projectors (DLP)?

The number of micromirrors and the way they are arranged on the DLP chip

How do LCD Projectors generate colored light to project images?

By reflecting white light at different wavelengths using chromatic-coated mirrors

Why are LCD monitors backlit using Light Emitting Diodes (LED) instead of CCFL?

LEDs reach maximum brightness immediately, sharpen image resolution, improve color quality, consume less power, and make monitors thinner

What is the role of Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) in LCD monitors?

The front layer of the monitor, composed of tiny diodes grouped in threes as pixels

What is the purpose of a microphone in a computer system?

To input sound to a computer.

Explain the process through which LCD projectors display images in color.

Colored light passes through three LCD screens showing the image as grayscale pixels in red, green, and blue versions

How does a touchscreen work in terms of its technology?

Capacitive touchscreens create electric fields between glass layers.

What is the function of sensors in a computer system?

To read or measure physical properties.

What is the role of pixels in a captured photo?

To determine the size of the file.

How are keyboards typically connected to a computer?

Through a USB connection or wirelessly.

What is the main function of pointing devices like a mouse or trackball?

To control the cursor on the screen.

What are the three main types of language translators?

Compiler, Interpreter, Assembler

What are some features commonly found in an Integrated Development Environment (IDE)?

Code Editor, Translator, Debugger, Error Reports, Auto-Completion, Auto-Correction, Auto-Documenter, Pretty Printing

What are some common uses of the Internet and the World Wide Web?

Communication via chat, email, calling, accessing webpages, transmission of protocols, accessing information on websites

What are the components of a Uniform Resource Locator (URL)?

Protocol, Website address (domain host, domain name, domain type), Path (file directory roots)

Test your knowledge on compilers, interpreters, assemblers, and Integrated Development Environments (IDEs) commonly used in CAIE IGCSE Computer Science. Learn about the differences between these tools and their functionality.

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