BTE 204 Fundamentals of Genetic Engineering: Introduction Quiz

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What is the main function of DNA ligase?

Join separate DNA molecules

What is the role of restriction enzymes in bacteria and archaea?

Cleave DNA into fragments

Which type of cloning vector is mainly used in bacterial cloning?


What is the purpose of a selective marker in genetic engineering?

Distinguish between transformed and non-transformed cells

Which enzyme recognizes specific short nucleotide sequences known as restriction sites?

Restriction enzyme

What is the function of a reporter gene in genetic engineering?

Quantify gene expression

What is the main purpose of DNA extraction?

To quantify the concentration and/or mass of DNA extracted

Which scientist is credited with inventing the polymerase chain reaction (PCR)?

Kary Mullis

What is the term used to describe the process of multiplying the number of copies of a DNA molecule?

DNA Amplification

During which step of PCR does the specific DNA sequence get cloned to generate multiple copies?


What is the role of probes in DNA hybridization?

To bind to specific target sequences

What is the primary aim of hybridization in molecular biology?

To bind complementary nucleotide sequences together

What is the main purpose of Genetic Engineering?

Making deliberate changes in an organism's genetic material

Why are organisms generated through Genetic Engineering considered genetically modified (GM)?

As they are created by deliberate changes in their genetic material

Which term is used to refer to an organism created through Genetic Engineering?

Genetic modified organism (GMO)

What are some key components required for recombinant DNA technology?

Identifying and cutting specific DNA segments

What is the significance of Werner Arber's discovery of restriction enzymes in Genetic Engineering?

To identify specific segments of DNA

What was the breakthrough achievement resulting from recombinant DNA technology?

Production of human insulin

Test your knowledge on the basics of Genetic Engineering with this quiz. Learn about the process of using recombinant DNA (rDNA) technology to make deliberate changes in the genetic material of an organism and inserting fragment of DNA into a vector.

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