Cloning and Recombinant DNA Technology

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What is the purpose of ligating the amplified fragment with a vector?

For further cloning

What makes recipient cells competent to receive DNA?

Making them transformation-competent

Why do untransformed recipient cells die on agar plates containing ampicillin?

Because they are sensitive to ampicillin

What is the function of a selectable marker?

To select transformed cells in the presence of an antibiotic

Why is it necessary to multiply the alien DNA in a host cell?

To express the foreign gene

What is the ultimate aim of most recombinant technologies?

To produce a desirable protein

What is necessary for the expression of foreign genes in host cells?

Appropriate conditions

What is the purpose of spreading transformed cells on agar plates containing ampicillin?

To select transformed cells

What is a result of introducing a piece of alien DNA into a cloning vector and transferring it into a host cell?

The alien DNA gets multiplied

Why is it necessary to understand technical details in recombinant technologies?

To express foreign genes in host cells

Learn about the process of cloning and recombinant DNA technology, including the role of the origin of replication in DNA multiplication. Understand how alien DNA can be linked with the origin of replication to replicate and multiply itself in a host organism.

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