Brucella Diagnostic Methods

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Which specimen is the specimen of choice for Brucellosis diagnosis?


What is one of the most common sources of laboratory-acquired Brucellosis?

Inhalation of infectious aerosols

Which method can be used for direct detection of Brucellae from clinical specimens?

Real-time PCR

How can neonatal Brucellosis be acquired?

Via ingestion of contaminated breast milk

What are the main prevention and control measures for Brucellosis?

Proper hand hygiene and protective gear for veterinarians

Which specimen is rarely used to isolate Brucella organisms?

Urinary samples

What is the most definitive method for the diagnosis of brucellosis?

Blood culture

Which method is NOT useful for demonstrating Brucella organism in clinical specimens?

Gram staining

How long should subcultures be made on solid media before declaring a culture as negative?

8 weeks

What is a recommended prevention measure for brucellosis?

Pasteurization of milk

Which strain is used for vaccinating cattle against brucellosis?

Brucella abortus strain 16

What is the optimal temperature for incubating blood cultures for brucellosis diagnosis?

37 degrees C

What is the effect of adding bacitracin, polymyxin, and cycloheximide to certain media used for culturing Brucellae?

They make the media selective

How do colonies of Brucellae typically appear on solid media after several days of incubation?

Small, moist, translucent, and glistening

Which of the following statements about Brucellae's resistance is TRUE?

Survives for months in refrigerated milk

Which of the following is a characteristic feature of Brucellae based on biochemical reactions?

Urease negative

How are Brucellae classified into different species?

By lysis from specific Bacteriophage

What is a key feature of Br.melitensis in terms of biotypes?

3 biotypes

Learn about the various methods used for the culture and isolation of Brucella organisms in clinical specimens. Understand why Gram staining is not useful for demonstrating Brucella due to their small size and intracellular location. Explore techniques such as Castaneda’s method, automated methods like bactec, and the lysis centrifugation system.

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