Breast Palpation Techniques

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When should premenopausal women perform breast self-examination?

5 to 7 days after the menstrual cycle begins

What is the purpose of assessing the breast and performing monthly breast self-examination?

To detect diseases early for better chances of cure

Who typically performs a clinical breast examination?

Healthcare professional trained to recognize abnormalities

When should postmenopausal women perform breast self-examination?

Monthly on the same day

What is the recommended timing for postmenopausal women to carry out breast self-examination?

On the same day each month

Why is it important for women to perform monthly breast self-examinations?

To detect potential abnormalities early

What type of information is primarily being gathered when asking about bowel elimination patterns?

Stool frequency and color consistency

Which of the following is a common gastrointestinal disorder mentioned in the text?


What aspect of lifestyle is directly linked to inquiries about alcohol consumption and dietary habits?

Health practices

What could be a potential consequence of chronic stress on eating and elimination habits?

Disruption in eating or elimination habits

Which medical condition is NOT listed as part of the family history inquiry related to gastrointestinal disorders?

Type 2 Diabetes

What is the recommended frequency of visiting a gynecologist for individuals over 35 years old?

Once a year

Why is it important for healthcare providers to inquire about prescription or OTC medications in a personal health history?

To identify potential drug interactions

For individuals over 40 years old with a history of breast or ovarian cancer, what is the recommended screening?

Yearly mammogram

Which of the following is NOT listed as a required material for assessing the breast?

Blood pressure monitor

What type of data is collected when asking about the presence of lumps or swelling in the breasts?

Subjective data

Which age group is advised to have more frequent visits to the doctor if they have a positive history of breast or ovarian cancer?

>40 years old

What should individuals do if they notice redness, warmth, or dimpling of the breasts?

Seek medical attention promptly

What is the recommended sequence for assessing a patient's abdomen?

Inspection, auscultation, percussion, palpation

What is the purpose of assessing a patient's abdomen?

To provide critical information about internal organs

Why is it important to be consistent and thorough in your chosen method when palpating a client's breasts?

To ensure accurate findings

Which area should be included when palpating the breasts according to the text?

Palpate the periphery of the breast tissue and tail of Spence

In what order should the subdivision of the abdomen be done?

By quadrant, then by region

What could altering the sequence of assessment techniques for the abdomen do according to the text?

Alter the frequency of bowel sounds and make findings less accurate

What is the suggested sequence of assessment procedures?

Switching to Inspection, Auscultation, Percussion, Palpation

What should be noted about the stoma color in a patient with an ostomy?

Pink and shiny

How should auscultation for bowel sounds be performed?

Start in the RIGHT LOWER QUADRANT and go clockwise

What is the normal range of bowel sounds per minute?

5-30 bowel sounds

What is indicated by HYPOACTIVE bowel sounds?

Only one or two bowel sounds are heard in a 2-minute interval

What is the purpose of palpating the stomach contour?

To assess if the stomach is scaphoid, flat, rounded, or protuberant

Learn about the proper techniques for conducting a breast palpation exam. This includes using a small pillow or rolled towel, using three fingers to palpate, choosing a comfortable pattern, and ensuring thorough coverage of the entire breast tissue.

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