Blood Groups and Compatibility Lab

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What is the defining characteristic of blood type AB in the ABO blood group system?

Presence of both A and B antigens on RBCs

Which blood type has both anti-A and anti-B antibodies in the plasma?

Blood type O

Why is blood type O referred to as the universal donor?

It lacks antigens on RBCs

What happens if a rhesus negative mother has a rhesus positive newborn baby?

The mother's immune system may produce anti-rhesus antibodies.

In the ABO blood group system, which blood type is considered the universal recipient?

Blood type AB

How can hemolytic disease of the newborn be prevented in subsequent pregnancies?

By administering Anti-D antibodies (RhoGam) to the mother within 72 hours after delivery.

What is the purpose of the procedure involving adding antiserum to blood drops on a slide?

To observe agglutination.

Why is it crucial for Rh-negative mothers to receive Anti-D antibodies after delivery?

To prevent the baby from developing hemolytic disease.

What is the consequence of not treating a rhesus negative mother carrying a rhesus positive baby?

The baby may develop hemolytic disease.

What is the role of Rh antigens in the context of blood groups?

They help determine blood group compatibility.

The purpose of this lab is to help you to understand the ABO blood group system, and its importance in blood ______


All human blood contains erythrocytes, leukocytes, and thrombocytes (platelet), but not all blood is the ______


Incompatibilities of blood are due to the presence of antigens on the membrane surface of red blood ______


ABO blood group system groups your blood into one of four ______: Group A, Group B, Group AB, and Group O


If the mother is rhesus ______, and the newborn baby is rhesus ______, then the mother's immune system may produce anti- rhesus antibodies.


This disease can be prevented by the administration of Anti-D antibodies (RhoGam) to the mother within ______ hours after delivery.


Get a clean slide, and 3 ______.


Clean the fingertip with 70% alcohol (usually a ring or ______ finger).


Add one drop of antiserum into each cavity as ______ below.


Observe agglutination in the form of fine red granules within ______ seconds.


Learn about the ABO blood group system, its significance in blood transfusions, and how incompatibilities can lead to agglutination. Understand the importance of matching blood types before transfusions.

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