Blood Composition and Characteristics

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What is the volume of blood in the average human body?


What percentage of plasma proteins are synthesized by the liver?


What is the pH range of blood?


What does the buffy coat in blood mainly consist of?

Leukocytes (WBCs)

What is the main function of albumins in plasma?

Maintaining blood osmotic pressure

What substance ties up calcium to prevent blood clotting in anticoagulant samples?


What is the main function of erythrocytes?

Transport oxygen and carbon dioxide

Where does erythropoiesis start?

Red bone marrow

What is the main stimulus for triggering erythropoiesis?

Low blood oxygen levels (hypoxia)

Where are sensors for blood oxygen levels located?


What is the fate of pluripotent stem cells (PPSC) dependent on?

Physiologic stimuli such as horomones and interleukins

Which organ can revert to producing blood cells if needed in an adult human?


Test your knowledge about the composition and characteristics of blood, including volume, pH, and cellular components. Learn about the properties and functions of this vital fluid connective tissue.

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