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What is the main function of white blood cells in the blood?

Fighting infection

Which component makes up the majority of whole blood?


What is the primary function of albumin in the plasma?

Regulate osmosis between blood and tissues

How does the human body regulate the composition of plasma in the blood?

Via homeostasis

Which of the following best describes the structure of erythrocytes?

Biconcave shape, round sides, and no nucleus

What is the primary function of erythrocytes in the blood?

Transport oxygen around the body

What is the main function of neutrophils in white blood cells?

Engulf and destroy foreign bacteria

Which type of white blood cell is responsible for releasing histamines to dilate blood vessels?


What is the role of platelets in the blood?

Clot the blood when a vessel is broken

Which process in hemostasis involves the formation of a clot?


What is the main function of erythrocytes in the blood?

Carry oxygen to body tissues

Which white blood cells are responsible for direct cell-mediated killing of virus-infected cells?


In terms of Rh factor, which blood type is most common among Americans?

Rh-positive (Rh+)

What triggers the formation of anti-Rh antibodies in Rh-negative (Rh-) individuals?

Exposure to Rh+ blood

What is the result of antibodies binding to the antigen in the blood?


What is a common symptom of a serious transfusion reaction that can occur?

Respiratory distress

During pregnancy, why might Rh antigens become a problem if the mother is Rh- and the baby is Rh+?

Causing the baby to form anti-Rh antibodies

Why are anti-Rh antibodies not produced immediately after an Rh- individual comes in contact with Rh+ blood?

The immune system recognizes Rh antigens as self initially

Test your knowledge on the functions of blood such as transporting oxygen, preventing infection, and regulating the body. Explore the composition and characteristics of whole blood, including its cellular components and plasma content.

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