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What is the difference between static and dynamic systems?

Static systems are at rest or moving at a constant velocity, while dynamic systems are accelerating or decelerating

What are the cardinal planes?

Frontal, sagittal, and transverse planes

What is the definition of flexion vs extension?

Flexion decreases the angle between two body segments, while extension increases it

What is the center of gravity? What is the center of mass?

The center of gravity is the point where weight is evenly distributed; the center of mass is the point where all mass is concentrated

What is the definition of osteopenia?

Loss of bone mass that leads to osteoporosis

Where are the muscle spindle fibers located and what is their function?

In the muscles to detect changes in muscle length

What is the function of synovial fluid?

To absorb shock in the joints

What is the difference between concentric muscle action and eccentric muscle action?

Concentric - shortening of the muscle; Eccentric - lengthening of the muscle

What is the parallel elastic component in muscle physiology?

A portion of connective tissue parallel to muscle fibers providing elasticity

What are overuse injuries typically caused by?

Repetitive stress on a particular part of the body

What is the difference between kinematics and kinetics?

Kinematics deals with motion parameters, while kinetics deals with forces.

What is the cardinal plane where abduction and adduction occur?

Frontal plane

What are the definitions of flexion vs extension?

Flexion reduces the angle between two body parts, while extension increases the angle.

What do medial and lateral refer to?

Medial refers to movements away from the midline, while lateral refers to movements toward the midline.

What is the main difference between acute and chronic conditions?

Acute conditions are severe and sudden, while chronic conditions are long-lasting.

What is the primary reason for the development of osteoporosis?

Loss of bone mass due to an imbalance between osteoblasts and osteoclasts.

What is the main function of synovial fluid?

Acting as a lubricant for smooth joint movement.

Test your knowledge on biomechanics, mechanics, and problem-solving in this quiz. Learn the definitions of key terms and concepts such as static vs dynamic systems, kinematics vs kinetics, and more.

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