Biochemistry with Dr. Khaled Elshamanhory: Isotopes, Bonds, Vitamins, pH

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What is the function of proteins in the body?

Which type of bond is responsible for the rise of water in trees?

What is the effect of high levels of cholesterol in the body?

What type of molecules are classified as water-soluble and hydrophilic?

What is the final product of aerobic cellular respiration?

Which process occurs in the absence of oxygen?

Which pH value indicates a base?

What is the main energy source in the form of a monosaccharide?

What is the role of the active site in enzymes?

Which type of fatty acids are found in plant oils?

Which process involves breaking down polymers into monomers?

What type of bond is responsible for the hydrogen bonding in water?

Which molecule is used for glucose storage in animals?

What is the main function of wax in plants?

In which environment would a water-soluble vitamin be most stable?

What is the function of cholesterol in the cell membrane?

What is the role of NAD+ and FAD in cellular respiration?

What happens to proteins when they undergo denaturation?

What is the main function of enzymes in biochemical reactions?

Where does the Krebs cycle take place in the cell?


Test your knowledge on biochemistry topics such as radioactive isotopes, intermolecular bonds, vitamins, and pH levels. Learn about C14 dating, hydrogen bonds, polar and nonpolar molecules, and the significance of pH in blood.

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