Biochemistry Cellular Metabolism: Introduction Chapter Outline

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What is the primary function of cellular metabolism?

Producing chemical energy like ATP

Which process involves synthesizing glucose and organic compounds from atmospheric CO2?


What is the role of autotrophs in obtaining matter and energy?

They synthesize organic compounds from atmospheric CO2

What is the function of heterotrophs in obtaining matter and energy?

Obtaining nutrients by consuming other organisms

Which term refers to the process of converting nutrient molecules into molecules of the cell?


What is the main function of ATP in cellular metabolism?

Serving as a source of chemical energy

What is the main source of energy for photoautotrophs?


Which type of organisms can use organic compounds as a source of energy and carbon?


What is the function of ATP in cellular metabolism?

Carrying chemical energy in living organisms

Which process involves the formation of new covalent bonds and requires an input of chemical energy?


What is the main purpose of catabolism in cellular metabolism?

Generation of energy to drive vital functions

What are the metabolic intermediaries involved in cellular respiration?

Pyruvate, acetyl-CoA, Krebs cycle intermediaries

Where do heterotrophic cells acquire free energy from?

Nutrient molecules

In which type of reaction does the system change to possess less free energy?

Exergonic reaction

What is the net intake in anabolism?

Simple small molecules (H2O, CO2, NH3)

What is the function of reducing power carriers like NADH and NADPH in cellular metabolism?

Free energy production

What is the primary function of cellular metabolism?

To generate energy to drive vital functions and the synthesis of biological molecules

What is the main function of the metabolic pathway?

To catalyze specific reactions with possibility of regulation

What is the part of metabolism responsible for the transformation of complex organic molecules or biomolecules into simpler molecules?


What is the process in which ATP is synthesized in a cyclic reaction?

ATP-ADP cycle

What do the letters 'NADH' stand for in the context of energy generation?

Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide hydride

Which type of muscle fibers obtain ATP through aerobic and anaerobic metabolism?

Red and white muscle fibers

What does the process of oxidative metabolism include?

Respiratory chain

Which process involves the reduction of pyruvate to lactate when tissues have insufficient aerobic conditions?


What is the main catabolic pathway that requires oxygen and can use lipids, proteins, and carbohydrates?

Aerobic catabolism

Which molecule contains phosphoanhydride bonds containing high chemical energy?


What is the type of reactions that transfer electrons between reactants called?

Oxidation-reduction or redox reactions

Explore the introductory concepts of cellular metabolism, including autotrophs, heterotrophs, metabolic processes, and the concepts of metabolism. Gain an understanding of catabolism and anabolism, as well as the role of multienzyme systems in cellular metabolism.

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