Bacterial Cell Characteristics Quiz

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Which unit is used to measure the size of bacterial cells?

What shape is a bacilli bacterial cell?

What color does a Gram-positive bacterial cell appear after staining?

What is the shape of spiral bacterial cells called?

True or false: Bacterial cells can be measured in millimeters.

True or false: Gram-positive bacterial cells appear pink after staining.

True or false: Vibrio bacteria have a curved shape.

True or false: Spirochetes bacteria can have more than one curve.

True or false: Bacterial cells have a capsule?

True or false: Bacterial cells have a cell wall?

True or false: Bacterial cells have flagella?

Which structure is responsible for the shape of a bacterial cell?

Which component is involved in protein synthesis in a bacterial cell?

Which appendage is involved in bacterial motility?


This quiz tests your knowledge on bacterial cell characteristics, including their size, color when stained, and shape. Test yourself on topics like gram staining and different bacterial shapes such as cocci, bacilli, and spirals.

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