Autonomic Nervous System Medications: Adrenergic Agonists

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What is the primary action of adrenergic agonists such as dobutamine and dopamine?

Increased heart rate and myocardial contractility

What are the potential adverse reactions related to sympathetic stimulation when using adrenergic agonists?

Headache, sweating, and feelings of tension or anxiety

Why is it important to avoid extravasation of adrenergic agonist drugs during infusion?

To avoid vasoconstriction in the area which can lead to necrosis and cell death

In which condition should caution be exercised when administering adrenergic agonists?


What is a crucial nursing responsibility when administering adrenergic agonists?

Assessing vital signs, especially pulse and blood pressure

What is the primary indication for using adrenergic agonists like dobutamine and dopamine?

Shock, increase HR and BP, cardiac contractility

What is the primary reason for using extreme caution in calculating and preparing doses of these drugs?

To minimize the risk of serious effects from small errors

Which monitoring is important to evaluate the perfusion of the kidneys and therapeutic effects?

Monitoring urine output

What should be maintained on standby in case extravasation occurs?


What measure should be taken when administering ophthalmic or nasal agents to assure the therapeutic effectiveness of the drug?

Use proper aseptic technique

What should be auscultated to evaluate the effects on bronchi and respirations?

Lung sounds

What patient understanding should be evaluated by asking the patient to name the drug, its indication, and adverse effects to watch for?

Patient compliance to drug therapy

Which adverse effect should be monitored in patients receiving this drug therapy?

Decreased blood pressure

What measure should be used to prevent injection and assure the therapeutic effectiveness of ophthalmic or nasal agents?

Using proper aseptic technique

What is the purpose of monitoring laboratory test results such as liver and renal function tests?

To determine need for possible dose adjustment

What should be monitored closely to ensure the most benefit with the least amount of toxicity?

Vital signs, ECG, and urine output

What is the primary action of atropine?

Blocking muscarinic cholinergic receptors

What is the origin of atropine, the prototype drug?

Derived from the plant belladonna

Which adverse reaction is associated with the central nervous system (CNS) when using atropine?

Blurred vision and pupil dilation

In which condition should caution be exercised when administering atropine?


What is the effect of atropine on bronchial secretions?

Depresses bronchial secretions

Which system do atropine and scopolamine primarily work on?

Parasympathetic Nervous System (PNS)

Which adverse reaction should the nurse monitor for in a patient receiving bethanechol?

Dry mouth

What is the primary indication for using bethanechol?

Treat neurogenic bladder atony

What measure should the nurse take when administering bethanechol to assure effective use and decrease the risk of adverse effects?

Administer with meals

What is a potential adverse effect of using cevimeline or pilocarpine?

Dry mouth

Which action is a direct effect of cholinergic agonists like bethanechol on the body?

Increased bladder tone

What should the nurse assess in a patient receiving cholinergic agonists like bethanechol?

Blood pressure and ECG changes

What is an adverse reaction associated with cholinergic agonists like bethanechol that the nurse should monitor for?

Urinary urgency

Test your knowledge of adrenergic agonist medications such as dobutamine, dopamine, epinephrine, and norepinephrine. Learn about their actions on target organs, indications for use, and potential adverse reactions.

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